Pallet Storage Needed?

Pallet Storage Needed?

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Pallet Storage - Pallet Rack Storage Pic3If you are a distributor of Italian furniture, kitchens or bathrooms then the summer months are probably the most critical to you for storage space. Many of the factories and businesses in Italy shut down over the August period which if you are a tourist may or may not be a good thing, check out the Walks of Italy tips for travelling in August here; but if you are a distributer then there is always a surge in orders you must prepare for around early June as lead times are generally 6 to 8 weeks. Customers will naturally want their goods before the shutdown period otherwise they could be waiting anything between 12 to 16 weeks, maybe more considering the backlog of orders to get through when the factories re-open.


Lack of Pallet Storage Space


August then becomes crunch time for many distributers as a surge in orders means a surge in capacity requirements for stock. We at Simply Store London can provide respite to any company with an overspill of goods coming in on pallets with our pallet rack storage facility located in Enfield. We can offer year round pallet storage services for the short or long term. Our pallet storage services include unloading and re-loading capabilities, stock control, and inbound notification with pick and pack services.

So whether you are a small business that requires pallet storage for 2 or 3 pallets at a time, or you are a distributor that needs pallet storage space in the hundreds, contact Simply Store London on 020 8800 4499 or complete our ‘contact us‘ form with a brief description of your requirements.

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