Student Storage

Student Storage

Simply Store London can provide you with a simple pay as you go student storage service!


Box Student Storage

If you only have one or two boxes to store and don’t want to pay for a whole storage unit yourself then try our box student storage service, an ideal way to share the cost of hiring a storage unit or pallet with other storage customers. With fantastic rates and great discounts for short or long term storage you can be sure that you will only be paying for the items you store!

Prices start from as little as £1 per box per week – For more information or to get a quote please call 020 8800 4499.


Mobile Student Storage

If you have more than just a few boxes then our mobile storage units (MSU’s) are the most cost effective method to store your belongings. Each unit is 35 square feet, enough to fit the entire contents of an average size studio flat. Ideally suited for student storage you can either hire a unit to yourself, or you can share a storage unit with other student friends or family.

Mobile self storage can save you double handling every item that you want storing which means that it is not only a lot quicker but will reduce the chances of damage considerably. It will also save you having to borrow or hire in a van with all the implications of licenses, fuel and insurance costs to worry about.


Why not get a quote on student storage services today from our Quick Quote section!