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Car Storage

Simply Store London can offer you a hassle free, pay as you go car storage service!


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We can provide external car storage spaces for all types of vehicles including cars, vans, caravans, boats, trucks, and trailers. At our depot located in Enfield EN3 we can receive your vehicles, unload them from shipping containers, store them at our enclosed, fully ring fenced storage facility with access control, and provide specialised re-loading of up to 4 vehicles into one shipping container for overseas shipment; we can also provide transport services for your vehicle to anywhere around the world via road or sea.

For car storage and importing our services can include collection and shipping from anywhere around the world, UK import customs clearance, and hand-out or delivery to anywhere in the UK.

For car storage and exporting our services can include collection and shipping from anywhere in the UK, export customs clearance, road haulage to anywhere around the world, or shipment overseas by RoRo, shared container load, or sole container load services.


Price Guarantee


For vehicle and car shipments our specialised loading methods enables us to load up to four cars in to one 40ft high cube steel container which can no doubt minimise costs and enables us to provide you with the best possible price. For shipments via road we can offer a tailored service with our own fleet of auto-transporters which commute right across Europe as far as Turkey and back on a weekly basis.

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