Business Storage

Business Storage

Simply Store London can provide you with a hassle free, pay as you go, business storage and handling service starting from £3 per pallet per week


Business Storage Archive – general business storage for boxes and crates; and also mobile self-storage services suitable for businesses requiring minimal handling and archive management. We can deliver the mobile storage unit to you, for you to load whatever you want; so there is no need to hire a van or transport your goods across town to a self-storage facility. The mobile storage units are secured with a padlock, and can be supplied as a standard empty container, or with fixed shelving inside suitable for archiving.

Commercial Storage Vehicle – for cars, vans, HGV’s, trucks, and trailers. We can receive your vehicles, unload them from shipping containers, store them at our enclosed, fully ring fenced business storage centre with access control, and provide specialised re-loading of up to 4 vehicles into one shipping container for overseas shipment; or haul the vehicles to anywhere within Europe using our own fleet of auto-transporters.

Handling Storage Distribution – pallet and racking space with distribution and handling capabilities. We can receive your palletised goods, unload them from shipping containers or trucks, store them at our fully secured, alarmed and CCTV monitored facility for as long or as little as you want, transport the goods across country or overseas to your clients, or hand out to other third party freight forwarders.

Commercial Storage Bulk – specialised storing of shipping containers, cages, bulk items, machinery and other heavy goods requiring specialist equipment. With onsite 44 ton weighbridge, 10 ton overhead crane facilities, forklift trucks & manpower available we can unload, store, move, document, archive, manage and re-load your goods.